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Experience Ayiti is committed to making at least one significant mission trip to Haiti annually. We aim to increase our impact in the country by organizing more trips, collect more instruments and equipment. After witnessing the success of the inaugural trip, many musicians, artists, as well as politicians and other professionals have expressed interest in donating their time and joining XA on our next trip to Haiti, others want to support by donating money and equipment. XA’s efforts are strictly on the ground, we have numerous individuals all over the island that we hope to eventually hire as full-time staff to help distribute goods, organize classes and concerts and carryout year-round programming.

The Experience Ayiti team is a talented group of professionals from diverse industries who share a passion for music and a desire to engage, inspire and connect with people. Their journey to Haiti presents a series of free concerts, educational clinics and aid. The mission is to unify people from different communities to promote peace, love and cross-cultural understanding. Through the power of music, the project encourages collaboration between local and visiting musicians, guests, volunteers and charitable organizations, while paying homage to Haiti’s local customs and traditions.


Experience Ayiti always welcomes volunteers to assist us on events, day-to-day operations and special projects. We are always looking for lecturers, music teachers and artists as well as event volunteers to join our team. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact us!

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