How you can donate and help EXPERIENCE AYITI

ways you can donate:

For our upcoming December mission trip to Haiti, we are collecting monetary donations, musical instruments, mobile generator, sound system, mixer, and lighting equipment. Experience Ayiti needs to hire a publicist to help raise awareness of local events, spread information about the mission trip to various media outlets, gain a significant social media presence, and drive donors to our web site. Experience Ayiti needs donors or sponsors to help cover cost of travel and accommodations for volunteers and educators. 

We are gladly accepting donations in the form of:

  • Monetary Contributions

  • Musical Instruments

  • Audio Equipment

  • Generators

  • Event Space

Thank you for supporting Experience Ayiti! Your contributions will allow us to continue to nourish the next  generation of musicians and make music the forefront of artistic culture to a diverse audience. You can  make your tax-deductible gift in a variety of ways:

  • Online Donation with credit card

  • Donation with a check or money order made payable to: 

Experience Ayiti 

1230 Sheridan Avenue, Suite 2I 

Bronx, NY 10456